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About LODESTAR #34 – Introducing The New Rourke Retreat!

In LODESTAR #34, Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, MO, is introduced as the new Rourke Retreat! Why Fantastic Caverns?

The new Rourke Retreat needs to be equipped to handle over 100 people, including family and other necessary staff, to be able to survive a minimum of three years. Fantastic Caverns is the optimal place for the new Retreat. It has tens of thousands of usable square feet of living space, has crystal clear water fed by a perpetual, underground aquifer; and, in Lodestar, it has been forgotten by mankind and remains a secret to the world.

In chapter fourteen of Lodestar, Paul Rubenstein reminisces about visiting the Fantastic Caverns with his parents as a child. He says, “I remember the placard said in the winter and fall, that it was a ‘warm’ sixty degrees, while in the summer and spring, it was a ‘cool’ sixty degrees.”

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Honoring Jerry Ahern

Every fan of Jerry Ahern that I’ve talked to has a story. Either it is about how Jerry’s writings impacted their life or when they spoke to Jerry and how that impacted their life… most of the time it is a story that began when they were a reader and then spoke to Jerry. I get it; that’s how my ride with John Thomas Rourke and Jerry Ahern was. John, I met him first, and Jerry were… special—that seems like such a trite cliché but it’s true. Read More about “Honoring Jerry Ahern”

A Letter from A.G. Russell

I have been designing knives almost since I could hold a pencil, actually making my first knife at about the age of nine. I made knives for fun until the early 1960s when I started selling them as a business. Having started the oldest mail order knife business (1964), the oldest knife collectors club (1969-1970), and the oldest after-market knife business (1968), I have had a wonderful 40 plus years in this business. Read More about “A Letter from A.G. Russell”