2016 Year End Message

Well, we can’t say that 2016 has been a boring year, can we?  It’s been a year of the Zika virus, terror attacks around the world, dirty politics beyond belief and the deaths of Superman’s gal pal, Noel Neill, and America’s favorite man in space, John Glenn.  To some of us, even worse than the earthquakes, tsunamis, and urban violence, have been the Brad and Angelina split-up.  How worse can life get?

I seriously have been trying hard to remember some of the good stuff that occurred globally this year, but I’m drawing a blank.  I could tap into Google and get the highlights of 2016, but what irks me most, is that I can bear in mind the bad news and have forgotten what should have encouraged me to be happy.

At first, I thought it was just me, getting older and less likely to remember those good things from our recent past, but start asking some of your friends to make two lists, one cataloging the positive things that happened throughout the world and the other, the not so good.  Which list will be longer?

The final month of 2016 holds two major holidays that are celebrated throughout the world.  Christmas reminds us that each of us is born with a light within that can lead us through times of joy and adversity.  Chanukah’s message reminds us that with faith, anything is possible if we remain dedicated to what we know is right and to keep the flame aglow.

We are just lowly human beings with little control over the sky above us or the earth and water beneath us.  That said; let us spend time as we move forward in life concentrating on building up that good list. Bring your lists next year and we can see if we’re doing any better!


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