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Have you seen the new series, CAMP ZERO, by Sean Ellis yet?  It features the Rourke kids from THE SURVIVALIST books who must learn how to fend for themselves in a world which has become much more dangerous, especially for those in the Rourke clan. Facing new perils and learning survival skills in order to stay alive, their adventures will keep the reader both entertained and informed. Test yourself to see if you could do as well!  An exciting read for all ages!

CAMP ZERO is based on characters created by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern and Bob Anderson in THE SURVIVALIST series.

Click Here for more information or to purchase CAMP ZERO now.  Currently available in paperback at all major online retailers.  Will be available soon in all e-reader formats.

Book Synopsis for  Camp Zero (Volume 1)

Growing up can be hard. Growing up when you’re one of the six kids in the Rourke Clan can be downright dangerous. Up to now they have all led semi-normal lives considering that their parents are the most famous people on the planet after surviving a devastating war and its nuclear aftermath that took place hundreds of years ago. But the world is rapidly unraveling. The children must be able to survive a new wave of terror. Kidnappers, Neo-Nazis, killer bugs and even Aliens are becoming commonplace. Something has to be done to keep the Rourke children safe and also teach them how to survive, even if it means on their own.  Read more…

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Best regards,
Bob Anderson & Sharon Ahern

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Bill Bauer

I recently found out about the 30th and 31st Survivalist
series books. I have two sets of the original series and a full set of Graphic Audio books of the series as well. I was surprised that Graphic Audio was not creating the audio books for the new books, but contacted the new company, Speaking Volumes and ordered 30 and 31. What I discovered is this. The Speaking Volumes productions are done by a single voice artist as opposed to the graphic Audio productions using about a dozen people’s voices and are not anywhere near as good as enjoyable to listed to. The Speaking Volumes audio books use the same segment divider music over and over and after about 2 or three out of a 5 CD book it becomes so annoying that I want to shoot my CD player! I know each person has their own opinion and like dog poop most of them stink, but here is mine anyway. Please , Please, Please release the remaining books through Graphic Audio. Reasons – The first 29 books of the series are on Graphic Audio, The Graphic Audio production is much more life like using multiple artists, The Graphic Audio packaging is better, (One of my new audio books ordered from Speaking Volumes arrived with the CD sleeve holders broken inside the CD case), The Graphic Audio music is better.

I am hoping that you will consider going back to Grpahic Audio. Thank You, Bill Bauer


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