Jerry Ahern Bio

Born June 23, 1946 in Chicago, Illinois, Jerry Ahern already knew but just wasn’t able to put it into words yet that he wanted to be a writer. By the age of ten he had already taught himself all the typing skills necessary — two index fingers covered the entire keyboard and his entire left hand poised, ready to slam up against the carriage return lever of his Royal typewriter — to keep his stories flowing throughout his life.

His first big payday came while he was in high school and a piece he wrote for the Chicago Tribune’s Voice of Youth column was accepted. He was now a published author! The five dollars he earned had to sustain him throughout his college years while he carried a full class load and worked full time at various jobs such as a trip router for Texaco and a management position with the Berlitz Language Schools. He also found time to marry his high school sweetheart.

While employed as a Chicago High School teacher he continued to hone his writing skills as he worked as a stringer for a local newspaper. Then using his newspaper credits, Jerry began writing for various magazines, many in the firearms field, as well as earning a spot as associate editor of GUNS magazine. In 1981 the first book in the post apocalyptic adventure series, “The Survivalist”, hit the book stands along with “They Call Me the Mercenary”, the adventures of a wise-cracking, one-eyed mercenary that he wrote under the pseudonym of Axel Kilgore. Many books followed as well as thousands of magazine articles and columns, radio programs and video productions.

Later, still working full-time as a writer, Jerry designed a line of fabric holsters which he manufactured as well as leather holsters and custom products. Being a long-time devotee of Detonics firearms, Jerry spent a number of years as president of the newly formed Detonics USA.

Jerry passed away on July 24, 2012 leaving behind his wife, Sharon, two children and five grandchildren and a host of readers. Many of his novels and short stories have been reprinted by Speaking Volumes.