Shades of Love (eBook)

The Survivalist Shorty Story Collection – #1 Shades of Love

He survived the end of his world. He survived Nazis and demons dedicated to enslaving mankind. He survived battle after battle, loss after loss. Would he survive this threat?

The battle of the sexes has gone on since Adam and Eve. Will that be what finally defeats John Thomas Rourke? He sees things in black and white. His wife Emma, however, sees things in various shades of colors, each determining a hidden meaning known only to the female brain. Since most men do not receive this color chart at birth, trouble brews. Would everything he had finally built be destroyed? Had he gone through all this turmoil, simply to fail? For all of his talents, Rourke is only a man. Is that his ultimate weakness, being a man?

Turning a deaf ear to the voice of reason, a simple mission behind enemy lines turns into a desperate gambit to save something equally precious. Natalia, one-time Russian KGB agent and long-time friend, must help Rourke out of his predicament by using certain skills only she possesses.

If only Rourke had listened to his own words, “It pays to plan ahead.”