The Defender Series – The Battle Begins

ON THE EVE OF CHAOS HE’S AMERICA’S LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. Someone has organized the inner city’s toughest gangs, trained and armed them with sophisticated weaponry and set them loose on the streets. By the time the police and politicos can act, it’s too late: the ruthless armies of the night have turned America into a war zone. Every home and public place is a potential target. No one is safe. In one brutal instant Professor David Holden had lost all a man could lose.

Now the ex-Navy SEAL commando is fighting the war only a desperate man can wage. And once he’s begun, no force on earth can stop him—not the military, not the government… and certainly not the enemy! About the Series The Defender series depicts life in an America where anarchy reigns due to a small group of Marxist-leaning terrorists using inner-city gangs and a weak and incompetent federal response to them. Groups of citizens, known as Patriots, band together for protection and take the war to opposing terrorists. A small-college history professor and former Navy SEAL, Dr. David Holden, leads a group of Patriots in an unidentified area known as the Metro.