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Jerry Ahern – Author Spotlight

What can I add to any discussion about Jerry Ahern? A hundred years or so ago, I first met Jerry as a fan; I told him I only knew one other guy that wrote with the specificity and accuracy he did.  “Who’s that?” he asked.  I said a guy named Axel Kilgore.  He laughed.  “That’s… Read more »

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,…”

Our personal book of life is very close to the end of a chapter. Terrorists are plotting to kill us because of our way of life. Politicians are destroying the country because they insist on playing make-believe games instead of doing what is necessary to keep us safe and to defend our Constitution. We may have lost family members and friends during the year, health issues affected us, relationships changed and our goals for the year were never met. This is life!

I Wish Things Were Different But They Are Not

For some time now, my country has been divided. To a degree that has always been the case. North vs. South, Democrat vs. Republicans, Catholics vs. Protestant, Liberal vs. Conservative… and the list can go on and on. But with those divisions, we still thought of ourselves as Americans. Then we started hyphenating ourselves. Irish-American, Africa-American,… Read more »

The Survivalist Contest Winners!

The SURVIVALIST AUDITION CONTEST is over, the winners chosen and notified of their dubious honor to appear in the next book in the series.  These winners will be characters working with the Rourkes to further combat bad guys of all sorts from around the globe and beyond, deadly engineered insects, and the most vile of… Read more »

Pearl Harbor – The First Day of Infamy

The first “day of infamy” occurred at 07:48 (Hawaiian time) on December 7, 1941 when a surprise military strike by the Japanese Imperial Navy struck Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Intended as a preventive action to keep America from interfering with Japanese operations in Southeast Asia, Pearl Harbor launched America into World War 2. Near simultaneous attacks… Read more »

The Survivalist Christmas Special is Now Available!

LANCER is pleased to offer the perfect Christmas special for Survivalist fans. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL:  Buy the A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting (which comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by A.G. Russell, Sharon Ahern and Bob Anderson) and you will get a FREE autographed copy of Deep Star, #33 in The Survivalist Series (autographed by Sharon… Read more »

The Survivalist Christmas-Coming Soon!

Frequently, an author gets to introduce something new in a book series. Less often does he have the opportunity to offer that something new to his readers. Rarely does he get to do both, but this is one of those times. It all began forty years ago with a friendship between Jerry and Sharon Ahern… Read more »

Just Released! Deep Star #33 in The Survivalist Series

We are pleased to announce that Deep Star #33 in The Survivalist Series, by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern, and Bob Anderson, has just been released, and is now available in all e-reader formats and in print. For more information or to purchase, visit our Bookstore. Synopsis: Mount Rushmore’s Hall of Records stands empty and the… Read more »