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A Tribute To My Husband

On this day marked as a day to honor veterans, I would like to take the opportunity to honor my husband. Though he is retired from the military, with over 32 years of dedicated service, he is still a man driven by service, daily. My Dear Husband, it was my greatest honor to stand by… Read more »

Veterans Day and Expiration Dates

You could say I’m a little different—come to think of it, most of you that know me would say a whole lot different. Personalities aside, I’m talking about my celebratory meal for this Veterans Day. “I don’t always celebrate… but when I do, I prefer oysters.” Sorry I couldn’t help it. But I do prefer… Read more »


Bob and I want to invite you to audition as one of the characters in an upcoming SURVIVALIST book. Email us and explain why you want to join the gang in one of their adventures and what you would bring in terms of skills and/or other assets that could prove useful. You would be one… Read more »

Now Available! A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting

We are pleased to announce that the The A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting, is now available for purchasing at the LANCER website. We are honored to collaborate with A.G. Russell Knives, to offer the first ever, limited edition of The Survivalist Sting. This knife is a tribute to Jerry Ahern and his hero of The… Read more »

A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting – Coming Soon!

Dear Friends, We are honored to announce that LANCER, in collaboration with A.G. Russell Knives, will be offering the first ever, limited edition of The Survivalist Sting.  This knife is a tribute to Jerry Ahern and his hero of THE SURVIVALIST series, John Thomas Rourke (JTR). Rourke faithfully carried the Sting 1A inside his waistband,… Read more »

The Continuation of THE SURVIVALIST

Bob Anderson and I are working on #33 DEEP STAR, the fourth book we have done together in the SURVIVALIST series, and, as you may know, we have done three short stories featuring characters from the SURVIVALIST.  We also have collaborated on another series of books, THE ROURKE CHRONICLES.  Like many long distance collaborations, we’ve… Read more »


We are pleased to announce the first book in a new series —THE ROURKE CHRONICLES, #1 EVERYMAN.  This is a companion to THE SURVIVALIST series.  It’s written from the unique perspective of Paul Rubenstein (John Thomas Rourke’s sidekick).  EVERYMAN is a must read for fans of THE SURVIVALIST series or for anyone wanting to get up-to-speed with… Read more »

Just Released – #32 The Quisling Covenant

JUST RELEASED!  #32 THE QUISLING COVENANT Just in time for a last minute Christmas gift, we are excited to announce the newest book in THE SURVIVALIST series, #32 THE QUISING COVENANT, written by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern and Bob Anderson. Available now in paperback format. Ebook will be available soon. Synopsis: The attacks came suddenly and savagely. Four of Rourke’s… Read more »

Announcing John Thomas Rourke Memorabilia

April 14, 2014      ANNOUNCEMENT! LANCER is privileged to be the sole distributor for the new John Thomas Rourke (JTR) and THE SURVIVALIST memorabilia.  Designed by the co-authors, each piece is a direct link to the action filled and famous THE SURVIVALIST series.  Fans, “Plan Ahead” and be one of the first to receive… Read more »

Introducing Elite Military Gifts

Elite Military Gifts LANCER and Elite Military Gifts are committed to offering unique items to honor our heroes. These are appropriate as gifts or a special addition to your own collection. Our products listed below are being offered exclusively by the Air Force Security Forces Association (AFSFA). Each item was guided by the founder of… Read more »