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Listen to radio interviews with Sharon Ahern & Bob Anderson

We invite you to listen to radio interviews with Bob and Sharon as they speak about THE SURVIVALIST series. Learn about John Thomas Rourke (the hero of the story), his adventures, a glimpse at the future of the Rourke Family, and more! Interview with Sharon Ahern Host: Johnny Rowland Show Name: Johnny Rowland News, Guns,… Read more »

The Fighting Bowie is finally here!

JOHN THOMAS ROURKE FIGHTING BOWIETM   Has Arrived!   In 2012, my friend Jerry Ahern called with what I thought was a phenomenal concept, he wanted to resurrect John Thomas Rourke and THE SURVIVALIST series; I was excited.  THE SURVIVALIST was my favorite series long before I met and got to know Jerry and his… Read more »

LANCER—A New Company Announcement from Sharon Ahern and Bob Anderson

Sharon Ahern and Bob Anderson are pleased to announce a joint venture and the formation of a new company called LANCER. Bob and Sharon have been co-authoring THE SURVIVALIST series, starting with book #30. The series was originally written and made popular by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern’s late husband. The post-apocalyptic series has sold more… Read more »