The New Rourke Retreat Location!

In my last post, we announced that the long awaited Lodestar, #34 in The Survivalist series, is now available.  Also in that post, we told you that a second Rourke Retreat was being created, but didn’t share where. We did tell you, however, that it was a real location that you, the reader, could actually… Read more »

The Survivalist #34, Lodestar, is Here!

We are excited to announce that LODESTAR, #34 in THE SURVIVALIST Series, is finally here! Fans of THE SURVIVALIST Series remember when a fireball destroyed St. Louis, a plane crashed and an odyssey began—almost 670 years ago. Now, unholy alliances are set to reshape the world to their view of evil perfection.  Corrupt politicians, Neo-Nazis,… Read more »

2016 Year End Message

Well, we can’t say that 2016 has been a boring year, can we?  It’s been a year of the Zika virus, terror attacks around the world, dirty politics beyond belief and the deaths of Superman’s gal pal, Noel Neill, and America’s favorite man in space, John Glenn.  To some of us, even worse than the… Read more »

September 11th —Fifteen Years Ago

September 11th – Fifteen Years Ago… All of us have a 9/11 story. Where we were, what we saw, what we did and even how we felt. What happened tomorrow—fifteen years ago—set the stage for everything that has happened since.

Growing Up At Camp Zero

I’m so happy that the first book in the series, CAMP ZERO by Sean Ellis is finally available. As the children of John and Emma Rourke, Paul and Annie Rubenstein and Michael and Natalia Rourke have grown older in The SURVIVALIST series, Bob Anderson and I felt that they needed room to spread their wings and have adventures of their own. How will they survive in a world that once again is on the brink of imploding?

Announcing CAMP ZERO

Have you seen the new series, CAMP ZERO, by Sean Ellis yet? It features the Rourke kids from THE SURVIVALIST books who must learn how to fend for themselves in a world which has become much more dangerous, especially for those in the Rourke clan. Facing new perils and learning survival skills in order to stay alive, their adventures will keep the reader both entertained and informed. Test yourself to see if you could do as well! An exciting read for all ages!

A Happy Birthday to my friend—Sharon Ahern

It’s funny how you “think” you know someone, and really don’t. I had that brought home to me several weeks ago. My wife, Pam, and I got to visit someone we’ve worked with for a couple of years―Sharon Ahern. After Jerry passed, Sharon graced me with the opportunity to join her in bringing “The Survivalist… Read more »