Thank you for interest in LANCER products.  We are committed to developing specific memorabilia that is directly associated with THE SURVIVALIST series. 

We are excited to announce our first offering—the JOHN THOMAS ROURKE FIGHTING BOWIE (shown below).  This knife is featured in THE SURVIVALIST #31 EARTH SHINE.

JTR on ground with sheath

You can expect to see other products coming soon featuring THE SURVIVALIST and the JOHN THOMAS ROURKE TM (JTR) brand.  Additionally, we are developing products associated with the TAC Leader series and will be announcing them in the near future. 

Some products will be featured in THE SURVIVALIST and TAC LEADER, and carried by the heroes of those seriesJohn Thomas Rourke (THE SURVIVALIST) and Doc Roberts (TAC LEADER).  Some of our products may not be directly featured in the books; however, we can say with confidence that all products available through LANCER are ideal for the hero in each of us, or the heroes in your life.

Each JOHN THOMAS ROURKE Fighting Bowie (and future knife releases) will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity identifying that each is an approved and licensed product only available through LANCER.

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Remember the John Thomas Rourke motto, “Plan Ahead.”

-Bob Anderson