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The New Rourke Retreat Location!

In my last post, we announced that the long awaited Lodestar, #34 in The Survivalist series, is now available.  Also in that post, we told you that a second Rourke Retreat was being created, but didn’t share where. We did tell you, however, that it was a real location that you, the reader, could actually… Read more »

The Survivalist Christmas Special is Now Available!

LANCER is pleased to offer the perfect Christmas special for Survivalist fans. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL:  Buy the A. G. Russell™ Survivalist® Sting (which comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by A.G. Russell, Sharon Ahern and Bob Anderson) and you will get a FREE autographed copy of Deep Star, #33 in The Survivalist Series (autographed by Sharon… Read more »

The Continuation of THE SURVIVALIST

Bob Anderson and I are working on #33 DEEP STAR, the fourth book we have done together in the SURVIVALIST series, and, as you may know, we have done three short stories featuring characters from the SURVIVALIST.  We also have collaborated on another series of books, THE ROURKE CHRONICLES.  Like many long distance collaborations, we’ve… Read more »