The New Rourke Retreat Location!

In my last post, we announced that the long awaited Lodestar, #34 in The Survivalist series, is now available.  Also in that post, we told you that a second Rourke Retreat was being created, but didn’t share where. We did tell you, however, that it was a real location that you, the reader, could actually visit and walk through.

For those of you who haven’t read Lodestar #34 yet, the cat is being let out of the bag!  We’re pleased to announce the location of the second Rourke Retreat is Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, Missouri. The new Rourke Retreat needs to be equipped to handle over 100 people, including family and other necessary staff, to be able to survive a minimum of three years. Fantastic Caverns is the optimal place for the new Retreat.  It has tens of thousands of usable square feet of living space, has crystal clear water fed by a perpetual, underground aquifer; and, in Lodestar, it has been forgotten by mankind and remains a secret to the world.

In chapter fourteen of Lodestar, Paul Rubenstein reminisces about visiting the Fantastic Caverns with his parents as a child. He says, “I remember the placard said in the winter and fall, that it was a ‘warm’ sixty degrees, while in the summer and spring, it was a ‘cool’ sixty degrees.”

In chapter sixty-four, Paul talks about his tour guide, Springfield’s very own, Kirk Hansen.  Kirk retired from Fantastic Caverns in December 2016, after  many years of faithful service of providing visitors with the tour of their life.

Now, after the nuclear war sounded the end of the world, you and I know that John Thomas Rourke—The Survivalist—and his family continue battling the minions of evil and the potential destruction of the human race.  Jerry and Sharon Ahern’s epic adventure story continues in a new age, almost seven hundred years in the future.  An era, remarkably like our own… the destruction that was dealt to the planet earth has healed.  However, civilization remains in peril, thanks to—more than anything else—the nature of man.

With the renewed series, action and adventure are woven into a tapestry that includes historical data, a splash of science fiction, a twist of family values and the colors of the wind that promise possibilities for mankind—if John Thomas Rourke and his family can survive.

As the Dedication in Lodestar #34 reads: “We want to thank Mr. Kirk Hansen and the owners and staff of Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, MO, for allowing us access to the Caverns for the Rourke family in this growing period of unrest.”


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