The Survivalist #34, Lodestar, is Here!

We are excited to announce that LODESTAR, #34 in THE SURVIVALIST Series, is finally here!

Fans of THE SURVIVALIST Series remember when a fireball destroyed St. Louis, a plane crashed and an odyssey began—almost 670 years ago.

Now, unholy alliances are set to reshape the world to their view of evil perfection.  Corrupt politicians, Neo-Nazis, Aliens, the returned Atlanteans or those thought to be dead for centuries; who is about to finally bring down the human race?  John Thomas Rourke is still missing in action, a rescue mission to the Russian underwater doomsday facility, Deep Star, failed and Rourke may be lost forever.

Air Force Chief of Staff Frank Sullivan comes up with a unique plan—the POTUS Posse.  A specialist group dedicated to one mission: protect Michael Rourke whenever and wherever.

Wanna Know a Secret?  
The members of the POTUS Posse are real!  They are real SURVIVALIST fans who won a contest held by Sharon Ahern before the story of Lodestar began. Can this new team protect the Rourke family as they are hunted down like common criminals? 

Oh, guess what else... there is about to be a second Retreat created; but this time it is a real location that you, the reader, can visit and even walk through.  Where… gotta read the story for those details!

Michael thought he could bring about a better future when he became the President of the United States, but so far his job has brought the Rourkes nothing but grief.

Paul Rubenstein, John Rourke’s sidekick, steps out of the shadow of his hero and friend, assuming new responsibilities but wonders if he’s doing enough.  Is he doing what his mentor, John Thomas Rourke, would do?  Is this quest, one that could mean life if he succeeds or death for his family if he doesn’t, be the last quest of the Rourke family?

Everything is about to change!  The stage has been set; the bad guys identified; the good guys are outnumbered and it doesn’t appear that they will succeed… much less, even survive!

Can the new Retreat be located and made functional in time?

What is President Michael Rourke going to do in this crisis; does he even have time to do it?

Holding out hope against hope, can John Rourke be located?  If so, can he be rescued before it’s too late?

In a world gone mad, an enemy may actually be a friend; an old enemy rises to face the Rourkes again for a final time.  And now the Rourke/Rubenstein children face death.  Can their training be completed in time to save their lives?  Can the Rourkes once again SAVE MANKIND!

In a world with no options and enemies everywhere… can John Thomas Rourke survive?

Order your copy of LODESTAR and find out for yourself!  LODESTAR is currently available in paperback;  ebook formats will be out shortly!

We appreciate you, dear readers and fans!


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